Moulding Innovations Ltd
"Possibilities in Plastics"


All requests for quotation will receive a full cost breakdown including component weights and cycle times. Understanding how your component cost is calculated enables us to jointly investigate cost reductions whilst at the same time maintaining quality.

The final component price must be established after considering various tooling options. These options include the number of cavities or parts produced on one cycle; the use of "family" tools where two or more different parts are produced from the same tool in one cycle; whether it is cost efficient to use a hot runner instead of a cold runner and sprue and if sub feeds can be used instead of direct feeds so de-gating is not required by the operator. Whatever your requirement we will find the best solution at the most economic cost.

Moulding Innovations is currently compliant with QS9001 and ISO TS16949 and awaiting official accreditation.


All materials can be moulded with the one exception of PVC. Runners and sprues may be reground and re-used in line with the manufacturers recommendations and at the customers discretion unless already specified on the component drawing.

Short or long production runs, third party tool trials and material sampling.

Insert moulding is also a speciality.

Inspection, packing and delivery to customer requirements.  

Injection moulding using the latest Billion Select fully electric moulding machines. Fully electric not only means less power usage but also a cleaner and quieter production environment. Hydraulic core pulling and air blast is also available if required.

Accuracy and repeatability is essential to ensure each moulding is exactly the same. Moulds are heated using Moretto Oil Heaters which allow higher temperatures for materials such as Polysulphone. Moulds are cooled using a Moretto chiller.