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There is little point in selection the correct material if it is not processed properly. Moulding Innovations always dries material where required using modern dehumidifying driers. All materials are fed direct from the drier to the machine hopper ensuring no contamination.

Materials can be either colour compounded by the manufacturer or coloured using master batch. Where possible, to save cost, customers are advised to try to use standard colours. To ensure colour consistency Moulding Innovations uses Moretto auger feed units to dose the correct amount of master batch again ensuring no contamination. 

All material safety/specification sheets are supplied on request.   

When selecting the right material other factors such as tooling, finishing and welding should also be considered.

Following material selection accreditation of the material (usually in component form) may be required under government legislation such as EN71 for Toys or perhaps an electrical standard. Moulding Innovations uses two reputable test houses and assist the customer in attaining their certificates.

Selection of the right material is paramount for a number of reasons. Considering the properties that are relevant to the component's application or working environment should ensure long term capability. For many companies these will form part of the component's FMEA and in high end cases material types and grades may well be established for each particular application. 

If this is not the case then the selection of the correct material is vitally important both in terms of quality and capability but also cost. Moulding Innovations can help you with your decision.