Moulding Innovations Ltd
"Possibilities in Plastics"


Top right and above mobile phone case printing full wrap hard case.

Below printing of multiple components and promotional coaters.    

Moulding Innovations has three types of vacuum ovens each designed for specific components and applications. The first is specifically designed for printing mobile phone covers but can also print similar items in shape and size. The second can print larger items up to A3 in size or indeed a number of smaller items jigged together such as key rings etc. The Third machine is for cylinders or rounded items such as mugs and utilises cheaper sublimation paper instead of 3D film as there is no requirement for stretching the film. This machine uses a silicon membrane to create the vacuum for printing. 

Moulding Innovations is also the home of "" where customers can buy full wrap printed phone cases and promotional items by uploading their own image(s). New own products are constantly being designed to expand the range and Moulding Innovations welcomes business customers who may have their own corporate requirements be they promotional or on a production product. All printing jigs and fixtures are designed by our CAD department and manufactured by our associate toolmakers.      

Moulding Innovations has considerable experience in sublimation printing, developing new technologies and printing techniques that extend the scope of the sublimation printing process. Until now sublimation printing has only been possible on flat or one dimensional curved surfaces such as mugs. In recent years flexible printing films have enabled the printing or relatively shallow 3D items such as phone covers where the image can be "wrapped" around the sides of the component. Traditionally sublimation printing has been associated with promotional and personalised items however Moulding Innovations can now offer this process for other more industrial components where there is a requirement for a very durable image that will not rub off over time. - Why not request a sample to see what can be achieved.