Moulding Innovations Ltd
"Possibilities in Plastics"


To the left and example of a mobile phone cover tool again with quick change inserts with common bolster. In this case two sets of inserts are combined in one tool so two different phone cases can be made in one moulding cycle.

Above a view of a highly polished cavity insert.

To the right a closer view of the interchangeable inserts together with bespoke ejector plate system mounted on precision ground slide pillars and bushes. The interchangeable inserts are loaded and removed from the main tool by use of a special clamp frame which ensures the inserts are not damaged during changeover

Below is an example of a "change" mould bolster where the same bolster set can be used for several similar components. Interchangeable inserts considerably reduces tooling cost and manufacturing lead times. A full range of sizes, thickness of plates and materials is available from stock. Waterways are machined in the inserts as normal but connect to the main bolster set via two "o" rings. The ejector plate is linked to the machine's ejector system for safety and for multiple ejection strokes if required.

Moulding Innovations Ltd works closely with two local toolmakers and has established an approach to manufacture which minimises cost but maximises quality.

Our Catia CAD files are converted to IGES so they can be used for direct CNC machining of cores and cavities or electrodes.

Where a customer requires several similar sized components we recommend the use of Meusburger's change mould sets. Here the same bolster set is used with interchangeable cores, cavities and ejector plates for all individual components. This not only saves cost but also reduces tool manufacturing time and mould change time during manufacture.

Moulding Innovations also offers customers the opportunity to purchase just the inserts for small run projects or prototype samples which will be used in our own stock mould sets.

All tools are fully guaranteed and serviced whilst production is retained at Moulding Innovations. We can also supply production tooling, fully sampled and approved, for customers to run in house at their own manufacturing site..